What We Do

We build top quality commercial, industrial and custom residential projects that meet or exceed all of your expectations, delivering them on time and on budget. In doing so, we build relationships. This is the cornerstone of our company.

How We Do It

We build with integrity… we maintain a working environment that sets a high moral and ethical standard of conduct that ensures honesty, fairness and professionalism from project start to finish. When we give you a price, or set a timeline, you can be sure we are going to remain true to our word. When we say a product will perform a certain way, you can be sure that it will.

  • With Pride

    We aren’t satisfied until you’re satisfied. Completely satisfied. 100% satisfied. Jumping-for-joy satisfied. We want you to feel comfortable referring us to your colleagues, your friends and your family, to be confident that they will be just as satisfied as you are.

  • With Excellence

    We keep safety, quality and service our central focus, in both the process and in the final product. We use the best quality of materials within your budget.

  • With Commitment

    Commitment to the future of the communities in which we live and work. We have invested our lives, our reputations and our resources into the communities that we call home. We like knowing that a Marmer Custom Home will shelter a family for generations to come, that our clients’ commercial projects will provide the community with beautiful and serviceable buildings constructed with the public’s safety and enjoyment in mind.

Why We Do It

We approach business with the belief that our two greatest assets are the people we employ and the integrity we maintain. We think this sets us apart from other construction companies and we trust you will too.